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***Important Information***

You may have been reading or hearing in the local news stories regarding Nitrates in the water in a local area near the Mountaire Farms Poultry Processing Plant. This investigation is focused on the private residential shallow wells in the immediate area near the Mountaire Plant.

Long Neck Water Company production wells are sampled on a Quarterly and Annual basis. Quarterly sampling is done in-house for monitoring purposes only, and Annual sampling is performed by LNWC personnel and sent to the Office of Drinking Water State Lab for analysis. The highest average results for the previous 3 years was 3.7 Mg/L. The Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) established by the E.P.A. is 10.0 Mg/L. As you can see the results are below the MCL.

Although the results are ok, LNWC continues to sample and test to monitor our wells in production on a quarterly basis. Last year the average results for in-house sampling was 3.3 Mg/L. 

All of this to say Long Neck Water Company is not affected by the issue around Mountaire.  As always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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